2016 Fashion Trend Prediction

Each year, after the top famous fashion weeks, fashion talents predict the fashion trend of the next year and make their production and sales plans. We are not designers, but learning about new fashion trend can help us improve our fashion sensitivity and stay in the vanguard. If you have kept an eye out for the runway or iconic fashion magazines, you can figure out that there are three main fashion themes in the 2013 women’s attire : American simplistic style, Exotic style and Feminine style. Now let’s go through the details of them.

simple formal dress

Simplistic style never leaves metropolis, especially for American women formal dress design. Many brands take it as their fashion spirit, including Calvin Klein Collection, DKNY and Victoria Beckham. It emphasizes simple silhouette and the overall look. Color blocks and streaks are always used to add changes to dresses. As a piece of metropolitan style, woman’s curvy body is not the key point for designers. With simple design for a formal dress to create a smart and educated feeling is what they want.

Exotic style. Designers use special fabric to make an exotic feeling. African tribe style will still be popular in 2013. Pictographic characters and geometries will be found in many brand collections. Accordingly, wooden accessory is also a reflection of tribe culture. Army green and khaki color will lead the popular colors in 2013. Other elements such as leopard or serpentine print or print reminiscent animals will remain popular. You can learn the application of these elements from Michael Kors and Anna Sui. Floral fabric with Arabian style is also fashionable in 2013 though you can find this element among collections in 2012. Oriental elements such as ink painting and embroidery will be used to add the mysterious feeling. Besides all these, tie-dyed fabric will return to fashion world next year. Now fashion has become globalized, adding some exotic elements to your formal dress will make it unique


Feminine style. In recent years, neutral style occupied a large part of fashion market. It seems that sex limitation on wearing is breaking. But this will be replaced by feminine style. From sweat girl’s look to modern city lady’s wearing, once again, fashion will change the view on streets. Even in the office, women are not afraid to show their gender differences with males. A feminine formal dress can add to her charm instead of diminish her vigorous working profile. A-line skirt shows girl’s softness and grace. Peplum dresses show modern ladies’ special tastes. Among all the feminine elements, chiffon and lace are necessary to make the sweet or sexy looks. These elements can be found in the collection of Vera Wang and Betsey Johnson.

Other details can also be popular in 2013, such as pressed pleats, inclined shoulders, etc. Are you dazzled by so many elements? Just pick out 1 or 2 of them and add to the design of your formal dress, it will be very pretty and fashionable.


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