Hillary Rodham Clinton, Good At Self-Deprecating Rather Than Dressing Up

Us secretary of state Hillary Clinton who is 69 years old now has always kept her own distinctive fashion sense by wearing exaggerated sunglasses, pants. Na matter how strongly questioned, she still persists in her old ways.

hillary-clinton style
hillary-clinton style

In a recent foreign ministers affair of the group of twenty, other attendance all wear white shirt while Hillary wear a yellow-green coat, which forced her to sit in a position that is nearest to the center. But for Hillary, it is just a trifle thing. She has been criticized more in dressing problem than political issues for a long time.

young Hillary in college
young Hillary in college

In fact, at an age of young when on campus of Wells Lee University in Massachusetts, Hillary had left many weird pictures such as wearing shiny gold sleeveless dress and coke bottle glasses. Though someone said she looked like Angelina Julie that time, they will add of course not a pretty Angelina Julie.

Hillary Clinton on Bill Clinton’s presidential inauguration
Hillary Clinton on Bill Clinton’s presidential inauguration

She became US first lady in January, 1993. She wore a dark red plaid skirt when turned up on her husband Bill Clinton’s presidential inauguration, which made her quite lively compared with the president’s solemn black suit. And what’s worse, the first day she even wore a dark blue small hat with round edge. She said she couldn’t forget that day and that suits even years later when she thought of it, she still couldn’t help shivering.

Hillary Clinton in Oscar de la Renta evening dress
Hillary Clinton in Oscar de la Renta evening dress

During the time when she was first lady, she was stable in her dressing style for a time. She always wore famous great brands which are attractive and suitable. She would choose a design team made of all American. She would wear Oscar de la Renta evening formal dress on a momentous occasion and change for tight evening dress to dinner. In the daytime, she liked knitted sweater and some colorful skirt suits of less known brands.

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

After she entered politics, more than one picture that record her bad taste in dressing became her opponent’s attack against her. John Robinson, a competitor for New York senator of the Republican Party once said to the New York Daily News in 2007 that have you ever seen her photos before, I wonder why Bill will marry her. When asked about these photos, Hillary just smiled simply and said she wanted to destroy them.

Hillary Clinton Meets With Iraqi Vice President Dr. Tariq Hashimi
Hillary Clinton Meets With Iraqi Vice President Dr. Tariq Hashimi

After leaving the White House, Hillary said she was in her worst dress when she put herself into garish dress. Then she changed her dress theme into a series of tapered pants and had her hair cut short. Some public maintained she wanted to testified something or she worried her female character would affect her official career. But her changes were not shared by many.

hillary clinton in orange suits
hillary clinton in orange suits

When she became secretary of state, she did not get rid of being pointed in dressing. Some typical dressing was the orange suits she wore when visiting Barbados and the braid white when visiting Burma.

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

Maybe Hillary did once wear many wrong clothes, but she did one thing right, that is facing scoff and criticism with a self-deprecating attitude rather than strict diplomatic language and a hard line.

2016 Fashion Trend Prediction

Each year, after the top famous fashion weeks, fashion talents predict the fashion trend of the next year and make their production and sales plans. We are not designers, but learning about new fashion trend can help us improve our fashion sensitivity and stay in the vanguard. If you have kept an eye out for the runway or iconic fashion magazines, you can figure out that there are three main fashion themes in the 2013 women’s attire : American simplistic style, Exotic style and Feminine style. Now let’s go through the details of them.

simple formal dress

Simplistic style never leaves metropolis, especially for American women formal dress design. Many brands take it as their fashion spirit, including Calvin Klein Collection, DKNY and Victoria Beckham. It emphasizes simple silhouette and the overall look. Color blocks and streaks are always used to add changes to dresses. As a piece of metropolitan style, woman’s curvy body is not the key point for designers. With simple design for a formal dress to create a smart and educated feeling is what they want.

Exotic style. Designers use special fabric to make an exotic feeling. African tribe style will still be popular in 2013. Pictographic characters and geometries will be found in many brand collections. Accordingly, wooden accessory is also a reflection of tribe culture. Army green and khaki color will lead the popular colors in 2013. Other elements such as leopard or serpentine print or print reminiscent animals will remain popular. You can learn the application of these elements from Michael Kors and Anna Sui. Floral fabric with Arabian style is also fashionable in 2013 though you can find this element among collections in 2012. Oriental elements such as ink painting and embroidery will be used to add the mysterious feeling. Besides all these, tie-dyed fabric will return to fashion world next year. Now fashion has become globalized, adding some exotic elements to your formal dress will make it unique


Feminine style. In recent years, neutral style occupied a large part of fashion market. It seems that sex limitation on wearing is breaking. But this will be replaced by feminine style. From sweat girl’s look to modern city lady’s wearing, once again, fashion will change the view on streets. Even in the office, women are not afraid to show their gender differences with males. A feminine formal dress can add to her charm instead of diminish her vigorous working profile. A-line skirt shows girl’s softness and grace. Peplum dresses show modern ladies’ special tastes. Among all the feminine elements, chiffon and lace are necessary to make the sweet or sexy looks. These elements can be found in the collection of Vera Wang and Betsey Johnson.

Other details can also be popular in 2013, such as pressed pleats, inclined shoulders, etc. Are you dazzled by so many elements? Just pick out 1 or 2 of them and add to the design of your formal dress, it will be very pretty and fashionable.


16 stylish white outfits for you

The white outfits is very elegant and pure, just like the clouds in the sky, white dress looks more elegant and intellectual, no matter what is causal coat,flowing dress, or atmospheric profile coat, pure white outfits make your low-key turns into a full-on goddess.

white outfits


Outfits: white leisure suit + white slacks + white heels + sunglasses

white outfitsLook2

Outfits: White bud silk printed suit dress + stella luna + handbag

white dress and blue coat outfits


Outfits: blue suit + white dress + black pant + black high-heeled boots + black handbag + sunglasses

white chiffon dress with black jacket


Outfits: black leather jacket + purple printing tops + white chiffon dress + black satchel flat shoes + black satchel

white long lace dressLook5

Outfits: white lace dress + black flat shoes + red satchel

long white coatLook6

Outfits: black dress + white silhouette long woolen coat + black short boots + black handbag

white outfits


Outfits: white fur coat + printing skirt + black high heels + red gloves + sunglasses

white dress with pink coat outfits


Outfits: light-colored loose coat + white dress + black short boots + cyan bag + sunglasses

white coat and pants


Outfits: white suit jacket + cyan shirt + white pants + light green flat shoes + black bag

white long dress with black bagLook10

Outfits: white jumpsuit dress + black belt + black wide-brimmed hat + black short boots + black tassel bag

white outfitsLook11

Outfits: white knit shirt + white irregular dress+ white sneakers + black handbag

white long coat

Outfits: black tops + white silhouette black woolen jacket + black heels + checkered scarf

white outfits

Outfits: white suit jacket + gray T-shirt + black tights + black sports shoes + brown bag

white chiffon dress with white dot black coat


Outfits: Polka Dot Black leather jacket + black tops + white chiffon dress + black high heels + black bag

white outfits


Outfits: white long knitted coat + black shirt + black pants + black boots + light-colored scarf + sunglasses

white outfits


Outfits: white suit jacket + gray T-shirt + jeans + black high heels + camel handbag + sunglasses

Party Culture In The Western Countries

Birthday party is most common in American’s live. Besides, many other reasons such as celebrating wedding anniversary, passing an important exam, winning a ball game, leaving hospital after recovery can trigger their impulses to throw a party.

birthday party
birthday party

It is also usual for British to held party at home. Children know how to have a get-together with their little partners at primary school age.

French party generally has a theme, actually a salon which the middle class as well as general blue collars are passionate to. It is not strange to see many mechanics holding a philosophy salon in the working area of France. There is no party theme in America and Canada. Usually the get together to chat or do some exercise such as playing ball and practicing darts for recreation.

Basically, you should stick to two rules when taking part in a party. First you had better bring some gifts such as flowers or wine. In a party that the master celebrates moving into a new house, American will buy some household objects like potting and decoration as gifts.


Secondly, you should pay attention to your dress. In general, the host will give clear indication of request for dressing in the invitation. In France, you have to wear formal dress if there is no indication. While it is reverse in North America, no indication means you can wear anything as you like. The classification of party dress in American is more explicit. They are divided into four types: black tie, white tie, informal and semiformal. You need to wear formal dress for a black tie party, long evening dress for white tie, suit or skirt for semiformal party. If it is an informal one, then you can wear casually.

Formal dinner party
Formal dinner party

Dress industry is quite flourishing in England, so you can buy formal dress in nearly each town. At the party, even those college students who are in casual clothes daily will put on sexy full-length dress which sweep the ground, as if they are going to the Oscar Awards. It seems more embarrassed to wear casually than not bringing gifts.



Why does the Europe like holding family party so much? This is owing to several reasons: one is that the west value social more highly, and party or salon is just a segment of social. Party means social get-together in an online encyclopedia of America. So the Europe will sedulously invite someone unfamiliar with. Besides, European and American countries are highly developed in economy with low labor intensity and small work pressure, so they have more spare time bring engaged in social activities of amateur. Lastly, this kind of social activity which passes down gradually is customs of European noble and upper society at the early time. They think family atmosphere is friendly enough for free exchange. The early party is started by hostess which lasts up to now. It seems easier for woman than man to gather popularity and mobilize the party atmosphere.

It should be a pleasure trip rather than a strenuous task to hold a party, isn’t it?

Lace Comes Back To Fashion World

Lace was very popular in 18 century. You could find lace on almost all women’s clothes, especially for evening dresses and wedding dresses. They were also used to make head dresses or women’s hat. Not only women liked it. In Europe, lace was also used on the cuff and collar of man’s wear, as a symbol of the noble and a fashion mark of a time. The second lace trend came at the beginning of 20 century. The new artificial trend created a golden age for lace fashion. Designers sewed waterfall-like layered laces on the gorgeous evening dresses in the shape of the character “S”. The demand for lace from Europe and North America was so large, that many developing countries joined the producers of lace, including China and south Asian countries. But fashion is always changing. With the increasing of fabric options, lace just faded out from the fashion. For beautiful lace formal dresses, you can visit dressesmallau.co.

Dressesmall Chiffon One Shoulder Lace Applique Beading A line Long Evening Dress
DressesMallAU lace formal dress

In the recent two or three years, lace reappeared in the fashion world. We can find them on the dresses wearing by movie stars on the red carpets. We also see lace in big brand collection on the fashion shows. We take Mulberry as an example. The typical pieces include the yellow long- sleeve lace dress and the orange series formal dresses on which lace is partly used. And the way to use lace is changing. In the past, lace was normally used as supporting material. But this year, we see whole lace dresses. Dolce & Gabbana impressed the audiences with a black lace clairvoyant outfit. The color of lace is not single any more. Designers use colorful lace to add vigor to the simple sweet feeling, such as the lace series from Christopher Kane. Moschina Cheap & Chic also use laces with different colors to make color contrast. Even Valentino does not lag behind the lace trend this year.

runway White-Lace-Dress
runway White-Lace-Dress

Traditionally, we feel lace as a thin and transparent looking. You have to change your view this year. Because with the temperature dropping to less than 5℃, lace is still there on the street. Different from the past, fabric producers make thick lace material with cotton or wool. Moreover, the lace dress is lined with anther inner layer to keep warmth. It breaks the limitation of lace use. The texture could also be different. It is not always silky and exquisite. Designers make a coarse thick feeling on purpose. This is a subversive transformation. But in fashion world, nothing is predicted.


Lace is a good option to make cocktail dresses or prom dresses. It is the long lasting element on wedding dresses. It can also be made into separated pieces, such as a short-sleeve top or a knee-length skirt.

_princess_margaret_lace hat
_princess_margaret_lace hat

Lace is also used as facial material to make bags this year. The new lace trend is beginning. But remember that too much is none. If you are wearing a long lace evening dress, then the lace bag is the third wheel.