Who do you want to follow: Princess OR Star?

Who do you want to follow: Princess OR Star? It’s the most amazing news that Anne Hathaway AND Natalie Portman got married, and they are so beautiful and happy at their big days, which make us also want to get marry soon if you are single, yes, do you agree with me that? Anne Hathaway and Natalie Portman have romantic love stories and finally walked down in romantic wedding dresses, then open their romantic marriages. Bless happy their forever life. Girl, when it comes your wedding, and who do you want to follow? Below show you the top 10 celebrities’ beautiful wedding gowns, if you have one perfect wedding gown, tell me your romantic story.
Queen Elizabeth II’s Royal Wedding Gown

princess wedding gown

This oldie but goodie was designed by Norman Hartnell, using only the finest material.. and a lot of pearls. With food and clothing still being rationed in postwar Britain, royal dressmaker Norman Hartnell sought to convey a message of national renewal, instead of focusing on opulent materials. He did this in part by embroidering the gown with garlands of spring flowers.

Princess Grace of Monaco’s Wedding Dress

princess wedding gown

Princess Grace, the American actress turned princess wore a floor-length gown designed by a wardrobe designer from MGM, made with antique Valenciennes rose point lace.
Princess Diana of Wales’s Wedding Gown

Princess Diana

Diana wowed the world as she walked down the aisle in an Elizabeth and David Emanuel design. Her puffy-sleeved gown was made of silk taffeta and decorated with intricate lace, hand-stitched embroidery, sequins, and thousands of pearls. And who can forget the 25-foot long train.

Princess of Morocco Charlene Wittstock: collar Satin Wedding Dress

Princess of Morocco Charlene Wittstock: collar Satin Wedding Dress

Satin wedding dress with Princess of Morocco Charlene Wittstock white soft skin,” collar” of the profile of attention will be on show bride, smooth shoulder line and sexy collarbone.

Princess Marie Arasa Morelli Wedding Dress

princess wedding gown

The most recent royal wedding of note was Princess Marie of Denmark, who married Prince Joachim in May 2008. Already super modern, Maria’s wedding gown was designed by Spanish-Italian fashion house Arasa Morelli.

Princess Máxima Valentino Gown

Princess Máxima Valentino Gown

In 2002, this Argentinean banker said, “I do” to Prince Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands. She was radiant in a stunning ivory silk Valentino gown with a 16.4 foot lace train.

Princess Kate Middleton Vintage Lace Wedding Gown

princess wedding gownLace wedding dresses are really hot in our modern society. Did you admire the holy royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on April 29, 2011? Do you love Kate Middleton’s gorgeous royal wedding gown? This gown had lace on the bodice and skirt, but it was the sheer lace sleeves that left people gasping. Without a doubt, long lace sleeves are now the hottest wedding trend going. Lace wedding dresses have enchanting and delicate motifs. These exquisite creations are feminine and light-weight and create memorable and wonderful moments for the brides.

Star Katie Holmes Armani Off-the-shoulder Bridal Gown

katie Holmes Wedding

Katie Holmes wore a fitted Armani off-the-shoulder bridal gown with a train in ivory silk cadis adorned in Valenciennes lace and Swarovski beaded crystal embroidery, featuring a delicate crinoline frill at the shoulders and a silk soleil border around the hem. The gown was complemented by an ivory tulle floor length veil and ivory silk shoes.

Star Anne Hathaway Gorgeous Tulle Wedding Gown

celebrity wedding gown

Anne Hathaway to look this gorgeous even out of focus — the gown features a gauzy, tulle overskirt and an elegant off-the-shoulder-neckline fashioned from the same fabric.

Star Natalie Portman Knee-length Pretty Wedding Gown


Natalie looked elegant wearing a white dress that is simple yet elegant. Natalie could not stop smiling after undergoing the Jewish wedding ceremony. Happy smile tugging at her lips, she did not stop dancing with her husband, Benjamin Millepied.

Her dress was amazing, not too flashy or excessive. Put on She’s very pretty dress, she always has a hippie theme, whatever she does,” said one of the invited guests, as quoted Dailymail.

Spring and summer style: Long formal Evening Dresses

Fashion varies from time to time. Nevertheless, the designers are keen on long evening dresses this year. More and more long evening dresses appear on the show for next summer and spring. If you want to be a party girl, you may choose one from these  evening dresses. On the left, there is the one that appears on the show recently. However, on the right, a similar evening dress is provided and you can easily buy them on the website www.dressesmallau.co where gorgeous evening dresses are on sale.

pure-color long evening dress
pure-color long formal  evening dress

Pure colors: Pure color long evening dresses are widely accepted by the designers these years. The colors are so pure that they look as if they were from the rainbow. Pure white, elegant grey, passionate orange and cool mints are the colors that are widely used in the evening dresses. Pure evening dresses are very elegant. The common design of these evening dresses is all very simple. They don’t have too many decorations and luxury decorations. The designer used the simplest line to make these elegant dresses.

print evening dress
print evening dress

Print: Print is a new patter. The evening dresses without printed patterns are just like the white cloth without any beautiful pictures. Flowers are the ones that always used on these long dresses. Big flower patterns seem to be more charming, but the small ones can also make women in it lively.

long lace evening dress
long lace evening dress

Lace: Elegant and charming lace is widely used on the long evening dresses. White and even nude colors use the splendid golden line as decoration. Because of the special material, long lace formal dress cannot cover all the skins. But from the ancient time, the uncovered skin under lace is always called elegant sex.

flowing long evening dress
flowing long evening dress

Big tails of the dress: Many people think that the white lace and the big tail of the dress may let people think the dress as wedding dresses. However, there are many colorful evening dresses with long and big tail to show the elegance of women. The long and big tail dresses can surely make you a queen in the party.

belt evening dress
belt  formal evening dress DressesMallAU

Belts: Do you know the importance of the belt on the long evening dresses? This question is easy to understand, nothing is better than belt to all the women, especially to those who are not very tall and have perfect body structure. You can use the belt to cut your ratio of your bodies, which can make your legs look much longer than the actual ones. These two dresses in the picture are the ones belong to tall women, but if you are not tall enough, a belt can surely help you.