Top 4 celebrity formal bridesmaid dresses online

Actress celebrity weddings are always the hot topics.If they are bridesmaids dresses,how to choose the right bridesmaid gowns? In the glare of the spotlight, Don’t not take his friend’s style can also be important for a bride.
To be honest, it’s difficult to choose a bridesmaid dress for actress celebrity. By Reviewing some attractive celebrity bridesmaid at the wedding dress, you may get your inspiration for your best bridesmaid gowns online.Well, let’s see Top 4 celebrity bridesmaid formal dresses online.
1.Jennifer Garner, Assistant wedding

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2. Kala·diwayi (Cara Delevingne) sister dressed in Chanel (Chanel) custom wedding gown

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One shoulder blue formal dresses

3.Jessica Alba at friends ‘ weddings

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4.Kate Bosworth attended a good friend’s wedding

buy cheap black bridesmaid gowns 2016As a public figure,they will attach much importance to their presentation. A right bridesmaid formal dresses should flatter our brides as well as their image. In 2016, if you want to have a fashionable bridesmaid gown online, such celebrity bridesmaid dresses will be perfect for your reference.

The silm style formal dresses From Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian, the very charming belle in the fashion field, who is noted for her pretty face with the deep eyes and plump figure, along with her confident smile and seductive arrogance, she is exactly an eye-candy that sweetens our sight for beauty. But for one thing that she concerns the most and needs to give a second thought is her dressing, for that there is a fine line between being plump and being fat, so she could not dress up as she likes compared with the real slim girls. But she is smart enough to work out this embarrassing knot by her born talent of designing clothes, and as we can see, she really takes pleasure in showing off her brainchild that help her keep slim almost every occasion with her special recipe on dressing, especially for her formal dresses. No wonder she always takes away our breath for her amazing appearance. Let’s take a look at how she works it out and why not take some smart tricks for your own reference?

kim-kardashian in red formal dresses

The first key to keep her slim is the strip code dressing method, and she always applies it on her evening dressing, generally speaking, the crosswised strip is risky for dressing due to the wide extension, while on the other hand, the crosswised strip design is relatively eye-catching so that the looker will pay less attention to the big size of the dresser but lay stress on the whole fresh and bright looks of the wearer. Just like the black and white crosswised strip evening dress she showed to us, the high heels worked with a fuller skirt in black and white, more importantly, she succeeded in hiding away her big hip, she looked fresh, smart and young, and very cool with her sunglasses.

kim-kardashian-striped dress
kim-kardashian-striped dress

The second key is the tricky black color, which is said to be the best shot for big women, considering that it contributes to make a woman’s build slimmer. Kim Kardashian knows this secret better than any woman, when she showed up in black, we need to scream out for the magic of black design. She knows how to make full use of the black to beautify her famous big bottom, sometimes she intentionally made small lovely triangle hollow out of her waist to catch attention so that no focus on her noted big hip to make out the slim build in the shape of X. And sometimes she used single-shoulder and unbalanced skirt shade to narrow down her big hip. Black is also the mysterious and sexy color, which added up a touch of mature and elegant disposition on her looks. She really has an eye for her impressing evening dressing.

kim-kardashian-black-evening dress
kim-kardashian: black mermaid formal dresses

The last but not the least key to keep slim is by the use of furry feather design. She looked pretty lovely and fashionable in the black feathered formal dresses DressesMallAU, perfect enough to cover up her big hip, the tight hip line displayed her proud slim waist line, along with the layered feather on the skirt, smart enough to confuse looker into the feelings that is only a puffing feather not a big hip. Even a slim girl wear it on, it will be also puffing as well.

Kim Kardashian keeps slim with her tricks with flying colors. These tips help her to be shown in a slim way, which are also useful for all the girls and ladies who also need this lesson on to keep slim if you are too plump desperately.

Top 5 cheap formal bridesmaid dresses online

In 2016, where to buy the perfect gowns for bridesmaids? you may get inspiration from Red carpet shows.

On the red carpet, you will find a lot of valuable model, stars on the red carpet styling can be moved to your wedding ideas,  why not let your bridesmaids dress like stars? If so, your bridesmaids will be content with such beautiful gowns .
Do you like purple wedding party dresses? You can make your best friend’s Spring or summer wedding by copying the red carpet style.

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purple bridesmaid dresses Dressesmallau

Lady Gaga ditched her usual dramatic style, but Brandon Maxwell was put on an elegant, elegant one-shoulder black dress. If you are in museums or solemn wedding, bridesmaids can wear the dress.

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One shoulder black formal dresses

Emma Roberts bold v-neck dress, full of retro flavor. With it, the bridesmaids looks sexy and pretty.

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Laura Prepon on the Emmy red carpet styling may be exaggerated for bridesmaids, but dark red dress bridesmaid dress okay? Your bridesmaids will thank you, let them also have a red carpet moment.

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Long red bridesmaid dresses

Yellow bridesmaid dresses shows us how spring bridesmaids can wear. Simple and romantic long yellow dresses and garden backgrounds are a perfect match.

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One shoulder yellow bridesmaid dresses

At your perfect wedding, a powerful bridesmaids group will be remarkable for you. How to select the right and stunning gowns for them? In short,just wear similar like stars,  and let your bridesmaids to shine all night long!

Eva Longoria’s Styles for grand occasions

Eva Longoria, the woman out of the TV hit, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, and in the reality, she is the real incarnation about the sexy and enchanting Gabrielle Solis. And every time when she shows up at the stage of the red carpet, she is sharp enough to catch the attention from all over the world. Let’s take a look at her outstanding formal evening dresses and have a feast on her incredible beauty and charm.

Eva Longoria in white off-the-shoulder evening dress
Eva Longoria in white formal dresses Sydney

When Eva Longoria showed up in this extraordinary evening dress, people got a rare sight of her breathtaking beauty. She appeared to be remarkable and outstanding, and her evening dress was delicately designed to show off her charm. The strapless neckline showed off her smooth and shining skin, just with the special one-shoulder short sleeve on her left shoulder, making this dress unique and reserved. The layered long train was similar to the ocean of cloud, dancing and moving. The white color reflected her slim and fine figure, full of elegance and fashion. The whole dressing went well with her noble hairstyle and the exquisite purse holding in her hands.


Eva Longoria in red backless evening dress
Eva Longoria in red backless evening dress

When Eva Longoria was in this bright and warm red evening dress, we could not help screaming out that how sexy and hot she looked. The single-shoulder dress added a touch of demureness on her whole look, along with the casual company of her long ribbon, she seemed to be brilliant and confident. And this time with her well-tied hair, and her bright make-up, when she turned around, her smile was mean to win your heart and you would be surprised to appreciate her mostly bared back, sexy and seductive.

Eva Longoria in watermelon mermaid evening dress
Eva Longoria in watermelon mermaid evening dress

This is what Eva Longoria wore for 2005 Emmy Award, this evening dress kindly showed off her incredible charm. The V-line showed off her seductive breast with a long line to be alluring, along with the smart and delicate collar around her neck made the whole look seemed to be decent and reserved, and the tied curly hair helped her better showed her sexy shoulder line. The mermaid tail naturally displayed her slim figure, she looked much like a graceful princess of the sea, graceful but fashionable. The warm but tender color of orange went finely with the red carpet, gentle but brilliant, furthermore, the golden rings of bracelets added a touch of gorgeous sight on her whole looks.


Eva Longoria in black and white evening dress
Eva Longoria in black and white evening dress

This cute evening dress kindly flattered the slim and thin figure of Eva Longoria to make her look like a sweet but noble little woman. She was born to be a sexy and hot baby. And this unique dress helped her to show off her real color. The black top went with her tied black hair, decent but fresh, the silk-like material added a touch of brightness out of her dressing, natural and seductive, the around neck and sleeveless design was similar to her wild and willful character, cool but real. The Mimi skirt looked very lovely and plain, which went perfectly well with the black top, the classic combination of black and white, the classic and the modern.

Eva Longoria
Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria, as hot and charming as Gabrielle Baby, she is as charming and seductive as the perfume, full of mystery and personality. Thanks to her nice dressing, she is good at showing her true color and expressing herself.

In 2016, you can buy cheap high quality formal dresses from online stores like DressesMallAU, and there are a variety of amazing styles for your selection.

Perfect formal bridesmaid dresses for your party

Get cheap bridesmaid dresses are the perfect move for a bride who wants her bridesmaids to wear the same clothes. Accompanied buy your beautiful friends in uniform tone gown, you will go down the aisle with more confidence.  In general, Weddings are expensive especially for perfectionist bride. Similarly, a cheap bridesmaid dress is significant for every bride.

Today, the cost of dresses in online stores is unbearably cheap. A bride-to-be often wants to pay for clothes because she wants styles that compliment her wedding dress and wedding theme. SO, the best place to buy  formal bridesmaid dresses that don’t cost more than AU $ 150 is an online store.

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At present, there are a variety of cheap bridesmaids dresses are all over the internet. Absolutely, the bride just need simply be anxious about what she is looking for. Hereby Top five important points are given for the cheap bridesmaid dresses.

  1. The fabric

The choice of fabric is important because it affects the case of bridesmaids. The maid of honor should also feel comfortable when wearing the dress. Some of the best options is chiffon, Satin and winter silk.

  1. The style

The bride can choose the traditional one shoulder dress or a modern halter dress. In recent year, cute sweetheart gowns are very popular for our bridesmaids.

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Elegant long blue formal dresses online
  1. The length of the dress

She can choose between tea-length or floor length dress. This factor is usually depending on the time of wedding and the location of the wedding. For example, short bridesmaid dresses are perfect for summer beach weddings, while long bridesmaid dresses are suitable for spring and winter weddings.

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Modern short formal dresses 2016
  1. The color

It is important to choose a color or two colors that complement the theme. Of course, the white wedding gown is the traditional colours for our brides, and some pastel colors like champagne, purple, pink and light green are ideal colors for bridesmaid dresses.

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Light purple formal dresses online
  1. The accessories.

Accessories for bridesmaids such as jewelry, shoes and flowers can give a more dramatic look to bridesmaids at the weddings. Bridesmaids usually have the same look for consistency purposes.

At that day, the bride should be the center of attention during her wedding day. She will wear beautiful white bridal gowns, and a powerful bridesmaids group with right bridesmaid gowns is also important for the perfect weddings. If you have no ideas about your best wedding party gowns, you might as well go visit online stores like for your unique styles. Have a nice time!