Sweet short formal dresses for young ladies

Go for the trend of office lady, the increasing number of  women start their own business and they have to wear short formal dresses on some important occasions. Beautiful formal gowns are often stunning . What are your ideal styles? it’s the best time to show girls’ sweet, nice, elegant, feminine, graceful, even sexy. It is said that every lady is the princess in the world and they all need to buy the most unique dresses which can make their princess dream come true.

Little white dress in taffeta. Either for white theme cocktail party or informal wedding. #littlewhitedress

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Now if you are trapped in a dilemma which one to buy, here we will surely provide you some attractive styles. Short formal dresses are cute for young women. Any other special designs on them?

sweetheart blue short formal dressFirst, look at this royal blue short formal dress which is well-designed with A-line silhouette which shows off girls’ curved body shape. The strapless neckline is one of the most popular necklines that can show women’s elegance. Besides, the dress has only knee length so that it can also be chosen as homecoming dress, embellished with ruching, beading and pleats makes it looks more formal, a simple look but formal beautiful taste.

pink short formal dress
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Now pay attention to this cute short pink dress, you will agree with me that it can be used as a formal dress as well as a prom dress. Because of the light color, it makes the girl in it less mutual but more sweet. The length of the dress also goes to the knees and has the A-line silhouette with a strapped neckline that makes the girl be nice but a little piquant. The dress is made of chiffon which has a taste of flowing and also be decorated with feminine ruching and pleats.

color block short formal dress in black & fuchsia sashHave you noticed this little black bustier ? Little gowns in black are always popular for femininity. How about be a cocktail dress? Yes, it could be. However, black carries the sense of stability, quietness and make the girl in it less cute but more cool. To make the girl sweeter, our designer use red ribbon on the waist of the dark dress. You will definitely  be the Belle at your party.

yellow knee length formal dress in daffodil
Style No. : PHBG1259

Yellow knee length formal gown represents vigor, clarity and elegance. Do you like this one? Wearing this dress, you are the princess about the fall. This formal dress is designed with classic V-neck, which makes the girl a little sexy but it is also convenient. You must notice the bowknot on the waist to make the girl sweet and thin, the same yellow ribbon well hold the curve. Agree with me that this dress can perfectly show off your beauty?

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