16 stylish white outfits for you

The white outfits is very elegant and pure, just like the clouds in the sky, white dress looks more elegant and intellectual, no matter what is causal coat,flowing dress, or atmospheric profile coat, pure white outfits make your low-key turns into a full-on goddess.

white outfits


Outfits: white leisure suit + white slacks + white heels + sunglasses

white outfitsLook2

Outfits: White bud silk printed suit dress + stella luna + handbag

white dress and blue coat outfits


Outfits: blue suit + white dress + black pant + black high-heeled boots + black handbag + sunglasses

white chiffon dress with black jacket


Outfits: black leather jacket + purple printing tops + white chiffon dress + black satchel flat shoes + black satchel

white long lace dressLook5

Outfits: white lace dress + black flat shoes + red satchel

long white coatLook6

Outfits: black dress + white silhouette long woolen coat + black short boots + black handbag

white outfits


Outfits: white fur coat + printing skirt + black high heels + red gloves + sunglasses

white dress with pink coat outfits


Outfits: light-colored loose coat + white dress + black short boots + cyan bag + sunglasses

white coat and pants


Outfits: white suit jacket + cyan shirt + white pants + light green flat shoes + black bag

white long dress with black bagLook10

Outfits: white jumpsuit dress + black belt + black wide-brimmed hat + black short boots + black tassel bag

white outfitsLook11

Outfits: white knit shirt + white irregular dress+ white sneakers + black handbag

white long coat

Outfits: black tops + white silhouette black woolen jacket + black heels + checkered scarf

white outfits

Outfits: white suit jacket + gray T-shirt + black tights + black sports shoes + brown bag

white chiffon dress with white dot black coat


Outfits: Polka Dot Black leather jacket + black tops + white chiffon dress + black high heels + black bag

white outfits


Outfits: white long knitted coat + black shirt + black pants + black boots + light-colored scarf + sunglasses

white outfits


Outfits: white suit jacket + gray T-shirt + jeans + black high heels + camel handbag + sunglasses

How to Choose Your Evening Dress Wisely

Every award ceremony is a big show case of evening dresses, from Oscar award to Emmy, from Grammys to so many nameless ceremonies. Stars from movies, music and art circles gather together and of course their dresses are selected carefully to add to their beauty. Some stars get remembered by others and even the whole fashion world for their stunning look and some are not so lucky and get teased for lousy design or wrong color. So to make a good appearance, a pretty face is absolutely not enough, you need to be wise enough to make yourself unique or at least not wrong.

First, we talk about the color of evening dresses. Everyone knows that black is a good choice. It is always safe for evening dresses. It makes you look elegant while sexy at the same time. With a well design, it will definitely add score to your appearance. Most fashion stars know this,  therefore black is always seen in ceremonies. Champagne is also a good option, especially for white skin. Just imagine a well designed Champagne long dress set off an exquisite face with smooth skin. You will draw the attention of all the male guests. But it can be risky if the color is too similar to your skin. Without a perfect make-up, it could be a disaster. So pay attention to the color depth, and make a good choice. Other dark color such as navy blue and grey are also normally seen. But in recent years bright color including red and yellow are also seen in big ceremony. It’s eye catching, but how does it look? It depends on the design and the nature of the events. Personally I like dark green most.

black evening dress
black evening dress

Secondly, let’s talk about design. Most famous stars just wear brand design. The aim is obvious. The work of a famous designer can’t be bad and stars need the brand to show their own value. Fashion world is a commercial world after all. The designers are willing to design for famous personage to get a win-win result. Their clients are their models on big stage. It’s really a reasonable deal. Most stars prefer simple design. Evening dress is generally very long, too much design could make the dress look too heavy and the body a little fat and none of these effects are desired by a fashion lady. Generally, all the design is for the neck, breast and the end of the long dress. Few accessory is added to the waist, also for the above reason. Lace should be carefully used on evening dress because it could make the dress look cheap. The whole look should be elegant and smooth.

simple pure evening dress
simple pure evening dress

Nowadays people are more willing to highlight characteristics which related to culture, tradition and many local features. And eastern elements get more popular in big ceremony these years. So evening dress are not just western style, it is becoming more colorful and various. Choose a symbol of yourself and add it to the design of evening dress will make you stand out among all the beauties.

Blue Colors Attract Everyone

The colors of blue are different in levels. Blue colors can be divided into baby blue, royal blue and dark blue and so on. Blue colors are used in many styles of clothes and dresses such as evening dresses, formal dresses, prom dresses and cocktail dresses and so on. Blue colors are full of mysteries and charms. Beautiful ladies wearing gorgeous blue formal dresses show the enchantment completely. Blue colors remind you of oceans and the sky. Blue colors also represent wideness and freedom. With different designs, blue colors can be expressed very well.

EThis kind of baby blue evening dress is both sexy and elegant. The beautiful back of the wearer is shown off totally. So is her nice figure. With the texture of satin and decorations of sequins in the front part of the dress, the blue dress makes the wearer seem like a shiny water fairy. The long legs and seductive waist of the wearer are also taking everyone’s breath away.

Navy blue evening dress
Navy blue evening dress

This kind of royal blue dress is perfectly fit to ladies’ figure. With the texture of matte satin, the dress hugs the nice figure of the wearer so well that no one can take his eyes away from the wearer. The ruffles of the dress are also special and fascinating.  This elegant dress can be decorated by a pair of pearl earrings, which enhance the whole effect of the dress.

Blue cocktail dress
Blue cocktail dress

Short-length dress in dark blue is both lovely and elegant. The sleeveless design and the little V show the clavicles and shoulders of the wearer totally. Her spotless white skin and slim figure have been highlighted by the mini dress. The special X on the back is fabulous and gorgeous. The length of the dress helps to decorate the legs of the wearer and makes her look taller. Dark blue dress can be elegant as well as fashionable.The special place of this kind of royal blue evening dress is the design of one-shoulder and its long tail. Mixing up white and blue, the wearer looks like the ocean queen in this dress. With a satin fabric, the long tail seems glossy, vivid and glamorous. Wearing this kind of dress, you’ll be wow gorgeous.

blue formal dress
blue formal dress

Blue colors can be used in designing many dresses due to the charms and mysteries of them. Sexy and elegant blue color dresses are good choices for important occasions. Blue colors will be popular all the time and never fade away from the fashion world.

Party Culture In The Western Countries

Birthday party is most common in American’s live. Besides, many other reasons such as celebrating wedding anniversary, passing an important exam, winning a ball game, leaving hospital after recovery can trigger their impulses to throw a party.

birthday party
birthday party

It is also usual for British to held party at home. Children know how to have a get-together with their little partners at primary school age.

French party generally has a theme, actually a salon which the middle class as well as general blue collars are passionate to. It is not strange to see many mechanics holding a philosophy salon in the working area of France. There is no party theme in America and Canada. Usually the get together to chat or do some exercise such as playing ball and practicing darts for recreation.

Basically, you should stick to two rules when taking part in a party. First you had better bring some gifts such as flowers or wine. In a party that the master celebrates moving into a new house, American will buy some household objects like potting and decoration as gifts.


Secondly, you should pay attention to your dress. In general, the host will give clear indication of request for dressing in the invitation. In France, you have to wear formal dress if there is no indication. While it is reverse in North America, no indication means you can wear anything as you like. The classification of party dress in American is more explicit. They are divided into four types: black tie, white tie, informal and semiformal. You need to wear formal dress for a black tie party, long evening dress for white tie, suit or skirt for semiformal party. If it is an informal one, then you can wear casually.

Formal dinner party
Formal dinner party

Dress industry is quite flourishing in England, so you can buy formal dress in nearly each town. At the party, even those college students who are in casual clothes daily will put on sexy full-length dress which sweep the ground, as if they are going to the Oscar Awards. It seems more embarrassed to wear casually than not bringing gifts.



Why does the Europe like holding family party so much? This is owing to several reasons: one is that the west value social more highly, and party or salon is just a segment of social. Party means social get-together in an online encyclopedia of America. So the Europe will sedulously invite someone unfamiliar with. Besides, European and American countries are highly developed in economy with low labor intensity and small work pressure, so they have more spare time bring engaged in social activities of amateur. Lastly, this kind of social activity which passes down gradually is customs of European noble and upper society at the early time. They think family atmosphere is friendly enough for free exchange. The early party is started by hostess which lasts up to now. It seems easier for woman than man to gather popularity and mobilize the party atmosphere.

It should be a pleasure trip rather than a strenuous task to hold a party, isn’t it?

Lace Comes Back To Fashion World

Lace was very popular in 18 century. You could find lace on almost all women’s clothes, especially for evening dresses and wedding dresses. They were also used to make head dresses or women’s hat. Not only women liked it. In Europe, lace was also used on the cuff and collar of man’s wear, as a symbol of the noble and a fashion mark of a time. The second lace trend came at the beginning of 20 century. The new artificial trend created a golden age for lace fashion. Designers sewed waterfall-like layered laces on the gorgeous evening dresses in the shape of the character “S”. The demand for lace from Europe and North America was so large, that many developing countries joined the producers of lace, including China and south Asian countries. But fashion is always changing. With the increasing of fabric options, lace just faded out from the fashion. For beautiful lace formal dresses, you can visit dressesmallau.co.

Dressesmall Chiffon One Shoulder Lace Applique Beading A line Long Evening Dress
DressesMallAU lace formal dress

In the recent two or three years, lace reappeared in the fashion world. We can find them on the dresses wearing by movie stars on the red carpets. We also see lace in big brand collection on the fashion shows. We take Mulberry as an example. The typical pieces include the yellow long- sleeve lace dress and the orange series formal dresses on which lace is partly used. And the way to use lace is changing. In the past, lace was normally used as supporting material. But this year, we see whole lace dresses. Dolce & Gabbana impressed the audiences with a black lace clairvoyant outfit. The color of lace is not single any more. Designers use colorful lace to add vigor to the simple sweet feeling, such as the lace series from Christopher Kane. Moschina Cheap & Chic also use laces with different colors to make color contrast. Even Valentino does not lag behind the lace trend this year.

runway White-Lace-Dress
runway White-Lace-Dress

Traditionally, we feel lace as a thin and transparent looking. You have to change your view this year. Because with the temperature dropping to less than 5℃, lace is still there on the street. Different from the past, fabric producers make thick lace material with cotton or wool. Moreover, the lace dress is lined with anther inner layer to keep warmth. It breaks the limitation of lace use. The texture could also be different. It is not always silky and exquisite. Designers make a coarse thick feeling on purpose. This is a subversive transformation. But in fashion world, nothing is predicted.


Lace is a good option to make cocktail dresses or prom dresses. It is the long lasting element on wedding dresses. It can also be made into separated pieces, such as a short-sleeve top or a knee-length skirt.

_princess_margaret_lace hat
_princess_margaret_lace hat

Lace is also used as facial material to make bags this year. The new lace trend is beginning. But remember that too much is none. If you are wearing a long lace evening dress, then the lace bag is the third wheel.