Top 10 Formal Dress Styles in 2016

When it comes to find for the right formal dress for 2012, there are plenty of choices. Finding the right dress is for many women or girls more challenging. With all the different styles you may have to choose what feels the most appropriated to your own style.

Whether you are looking for cocktail dresses, evening or short formal dresses to put on to formal occasions, there are all sorts of dresses that could be attempted on to determine what look and feel the best. If you go for a short cocktail formal dresses make sure you get the right heels, accessories and a glossy clutch.

Deep V-neck Formal Dresses – This year, classic V-neck develops more and more, the change is that V-neck comes deeper and deeper, that’s because of women would like to show the sexy characteristic.

deep V-neck formal dressChiffon Long Formal Dress – A classic party look, finding a great looking strapless dress is something you can always count on. They are available in a huge variety of styles.

Mermaid Formal Dresses – Modern mermaid formal gowns perfectly show the curve of female, and the result is that woman who dresses on mermaid dresses then she will be sexy and charming. Who wouldn’t want taste mermaid dresses like fish and make an image that swim in the people free and beautiful?

Asymmetrical One Shoulder Formal Dress– This style is one with lots and lots of variations, ranging from a single width shoulder to a thin strap shoulder to a strapless bodice with asymmetrical styling of the skirt.

formal dressBeading or pleats Formal Dresses – With the development of beading and pleats, formal dresses designed with complicated and delicate crystal or sequins, which just make the dresses more feminine.

sequined formal dressSequined Formal Dresses – You must remember that Taylor Swift wore sequined formal dresses, neither long nor short length, they are so wonderful. Deschanel paired a sequinned Oscar de la Renta dress, Anne Hathaway’s Red Carpet choice was a pink shade sequined Armani Prive dress etc. So you see that sequined formal dresses especially in gold color make people dazing and surprising.

Sheath Formal Dress – This is a great dress to have in your closet to dress up or down, depending on the event. If you’ve got curves to show off then this is the style for you. A form-fitting sheath is a perfect way to let your body shine, plus you can find them in a whole host of fabrics and lengths to suit your preferences. Its flattering clean lines keep the dress from overwhelming your figure.

formal dressBig Shoulders Formal Dress – This season you’re finding many wonderful party dress choices with big, wide shoulders. It’s a fun style to wear because it’s a bit adventurous and bit different, while also having the desirable effect of making your waist look extra narrow.

formal dressCutout Formal Dress -Many different dresses are showing cutout this season, ranging from deep plunging necklines to shaped cutout along the waist, hips, or belly. A terrific cutout adds interest and sex appeal without going too far and showing too much skin so that nothing is left to the imagination.

Swing Party Formal Dress -This style of dress is typically made with a flowing, draping fabric that literally moves and swings with your every body movement. From longer lengths (mid-calf) to extra mini lengths (just below your bum) an attractive swing style dress not only makes your body look terrific, but also catches his attention with your every move.

How to wear sparkle without looking tacky

In this holiday season, a nice party will add more pleasure and surprises to your Vacation. Every lady has their own charms, and how to be a pretty lady with their unique style is hot topic today. As long as you are anxious about your styles, you can be a stunning conscious woman at your events.

Not Another New Formal Dress

We’ll get to a new formal dress at every year of this time, but first, a word of advice on future sparkle purchases. For example, look for everyday shapes given the extra-special treatment. That means mermaid formal gown go for slender figures, and flattering a line formal gown are suitable for plump women.

Allison Williams red a line evening dress

Movement is the point

More or less, the temperament of a lady can be reflected from her pace. If you want to be a special lady at your parties, beautiful party dresses and elegant steps will make you stand out. Fashion’s been loosening up for a while now, so why not look for a formal wear with pieces cut or longer hemlines farther away from the body?

Black short formal dresses

Contrast Color

When styling sparkle, formal gowns with two colors are striking at the event. Recently, i saw a black and white formal dress from online stores. It looks not bad for your gorgeous looks.

Backless is always a good idea

Backless is a chic style for formal design gown. Such sexy gowns are born to show the beauty of fashion women.

Emily Blunt and Louise Roe's white long cross evening dress
Sexy V neck backless formal dresses


Sweet shoes

Save your pin-thin stilettos. At the party, a good pair of shoes matches your gowns perfectly.

Layer Under an vintage Dress TO make it new

With regard to how to keep your gown long and louche, the fastest way to upgrade a dress you thought was a good idea circa 2016 is to reimagine it as the top part of a better, longer dress. (Wear a slip dress or skirt underneath.) High slits are welcome.

pink wedding dresses

At your upcoming special events, you can do more to improve your looks. These tips are favorable to improve your taste of dress code. In 2016, more and more chic formal gowns will be released, and try to change yourselves with a new look. Everything is possible, if you wear your gown with heart!

2016 Annual Golden Globes celebrity red carpet formal dresses

The New party is coming! If you do not know what to choose  the dresses or makeup? The 2016 73rd red carpet of the Golden Globes stars will give you some inspiration!
Pink dress

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Pink formal dresses with sleeves

Cate Blanchett  is so jealous. You  can’t expect a 50- year -old people can still be nice in this pink gown. Although wrinkles have not hide, but WINS in the shiny skin . Do not know whether using Armani Foundation, is this the legend of Moonlight white? Makeup and hair are also very clean, and it will make it easy for the eyes.
Katy Perry ‘s  grey-pink dress is actually more easily than the generally bright pink textured, but hair too much procrastination, plus colour dark, make the whole look very dirty.
Select the pink dress, be sure to note the colour gloss. In my opinion, select similar color pink lipstick and formal dress  is the best.
Red dress

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Red formal dresses 2016

With such perfect red gowns, you will soon get to wear the red dress or makeup point! Eye shadow can pick a low profile but also a deep earth tones, paired with a dress with the color of red lipstick perfectly.
Little black dress

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Elegant black formal dresses online

Black dress look more selective, but you need to focus in one place, such as a bright-eyed blonde or blurred eyes like stars … … Lady Gaga’s hair color is enough eye-catching, paired with a nude lipstick, more elegant
White dress

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White V neck formal gowns online

Unfortunately, on the white dress, the female stars is not for you to make a good model. If there is no body and pale skin, try not to choose a white dress. Keywords – clean white dresses, fairy, elegant and simple. Avoid the use of nude lipstick, especially not to stack a layer of shiny lip gloss.

Burgundy dress

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Sexy Burgundy formal dresses 

Once-popular red wine is not unreasonable, and this really is the color of a hundred towers and temperament. Aunt red, coral, bare orange-red lipstick is basically no problem, Pearl, glitter eye makeup can also appear to have texture. Even if the make-up does not pop, wine red dresses can also coordinate the overall harmony.
Champagne color dress

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Champagne formal gowns

Although champagne color dress can make you look more noble temperament, but if the skin is not white, then you’d better  not select a champagne-coloured dress. If you have selected, then pick a color is to steal, overhangs the lipstick to go with it!
Other color dresses
Green, yellow dress has few chance to wear in our daily life. But because of less, so you wear, you can jump out from the black. Jaimie Alexander’s  red carpet, everything from accessories to makeup selection is very good. Echoing the earrings and little green dress, elegant hair is showing fine facial lines.

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Color formal dresses online

Yellow dress worn by fewer people, and if you like, you can learn from Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez), paired with a Berry-colored lip gloss.
If you have chosen a color dress, you can see which color is the main color of the dress.

Chic formal dresses 2016 in Australia

What’s the news about fashion trend in 2016? Fashion is something you buy to make yourself appear to be a part of a group. At your forthcoming great party events, a most fashionable formal gown will be gorgeous and attractive.

Whether you choose to wear a long or short gown this season, go for beautiful details(bow,sash,ruching,beadding), vintage style(lace formal gown,or royal ball gown),sexy style such as Deep v-neck,front slit and backless and color. Apart from this traditional formal gowns,a sweet jacket or a fur warp are also chic for women. Hereby some newest formal dresses are given.

1.Beaded formal gown

If you want to look a bit of shine, beaded formal gowns are perfect to draw one’s attention.

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Black beading formal dress online

2. Pink applique formal dress

Beautiful Appliques are good match for gentle pink tone gowns at a grand evening party.

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Elegant pink applique formal dresses online

3. Ball gown formal gown

It makes a grand entrance and is perfect for a formal party.

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Blue princess formal dresses for prom

4. Mermaid form wear

Sexy mermaid style are always fashionable design for modern gowns

black mermaid formal dresses online
Black mermaid formal dresses online

5. Halter style

Good hater formal dresses will make your pretty features,face and earrings stand out.

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Long halter formal dresses online 2016

6. Embroidery formal dresses

Nice embroidery will add some vintage elements to your best gowns.At present, vintage design is also a chic style for fashion women today.

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Elegant long embroidery formal dresses online

In 2016, chic formal dresses come in various styles and sizes.From online stores, it’s not difficult to buy a cheap formal gown that flatters your figures well.