Spring and summer style: Long formal Evening Dresses

Fashion varies from time to time. Nevertheless, the designers are keen on long evening dresses this year. More and more long evening dresses appear on the show for next summer and spring. If you want to be a party girl, you may choose one from these  evening dresses. On the left, there is the one that appears on the show recently. However, on the right, a similar evening dress is provided and you can easily buy them on the website www.dressesmallau.co where gorgeous evening dresses are on sale.

pure-color long evening dress
pure-color long formal  evening dress

Pure colors: Pure color long evening dresses are widely accepted by the designers these years. The colors are so pure that they look as if they were from the rainbow. Pure white, elegant grey, passionate orange and cool mints are the colors that are widely used in the evening dresses. Pure evening dresses are very elegant. The common design of these evening dresses is all very simple. They don’t have too many decorations and luxury decorations. The designer used the simplest line to make these elegant dresses.

print evening dress
print evening dress

Print: Print is a new patter. The evening dresses without printed patterns are just like the white cloth without any beautiful pictures. Flowers are the ones that always used on these long dresses. Big flower patterns seem to be more charming, but the small ones can also make women in it lively.

long lace evening dress
long lace evening dress

Lace: Elegant and charming lace is widely used on the long evening dresses. White and even nude colors use the splendid golden line as decoration. Because of the special material, long lace formal dress cannot cover all the skins. But from the ancient time, the uncovered skin under lace is always called elegant sex.

flowing long evening dress
flowing long evening dress

Big tails of the dress: Many people think that the white lace and the big tail of the dress may let people think the dress as wedding dresses. However, there are many colorful evening dresses with long and big tail to show the elegance of women. The long and big tail dresses can surely make you a queen in the party.

belt evening dress
belt  formal evening dress DressesMallAU

Belts: Do you know the importance of the belt on the long evening dresses? This question is easy to understand, nothing is better than belt to all the women, especially to those who are not very tall and have perfect body structure. You can use the belt to cut your ratio of your bodies, which can make your legs look much longer than the actual ones. These two dresses in the picture are the ones belong to tall women, but if you are not tall enough, a belt can surely help you.

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