2016 Annual Golden Globes celebrity red carpet formal dresses

The New party is coming! If you do not know what to choose  the dresses or makeup? The 2016 73rd red carpet of the Golden Globes stars will give you some inspiration!
Pink dress

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Pink formal dresses with sleeves

Cate Blanchett  is so jealous. You  can’t expect a 50- year -old people can still be nice in this pink gown. Although wrinkles have not hide, but WINS in the shiny skin . Do not know whether using Armani Foundation, is this the legend of Moonlight white? Makeup and hair are also very clean, and it will make it easy for the eyes.
Katy Perry ‘s  grey-pink dress is actually more easily than the generally bright pink textured, but hair too much procrastination, plus colour dark, make the whole look very dirty.
Select the pink dress, be sure to note the colour gloss. In my opinion, select similar color pink lipstick and formal dress  is the best.
Red dress

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Red formal dresses 2016

With such perfect red gowns, you will soon get to wear the red dress or makeup point! Eye shadow can pick a low profile but also a deep earth tones, paired with a dress with the color of red lipstick perfectly.
Little black dress

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Elegant black formal dresses online

Black dress look more selective, but you need to focus in one place, such as a bright-eyed blonde or blurred eyes like stars … … Lady Gaga’s hair color is enough eye-catching, paired with a nude lipstick, more elegant
White dress

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White V neck formal gowns online

Unfortunately, on the white dress, the female stars is not for you to make a good model. If there is no body and pale skin, try not to choose a white dress. Keywords – clean white dresses, fairy, elegant and simple. Avoid the use of nude lipstick, especially not to stack a layer of shiny lip gloss.

Burgundy dress

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Sexy Burgundy formal dresses 

Once-popular red wine is not unreasonable, and this really is the color of a hundred towers and temperament. Aunt red, coral, bare orange-red lipstick is basically no problem, Pearl, glitter eye makeup can also appear to have texture. Even if the make-up does not pop, wine red dresses can also coordinate the overall harmony.
Champagne color dress

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Champagne formal gowns

Although champagne color dress can make you look more noble temperament, but if the skin is not white, then you’d better  not select a champagne-coloured dress. If you have selected, then pick a color is to steal, overhangs the lipstick to go with it!
Other color dresses
Green, yellow dress has few chance to wear in our daily life. But because of less, so you wear, you can jump out from the black. Jaimie Alexander’s  red carpet, everything from accessories to makeup selection is very good. Echoing the earrings and little green dress, elegant hair is showing fine facial lines.

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Color formal dresses online

Yellow dress worn by fewer people, and if you like, you can learn from Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez), paired with a Berry-colored lip gloss.
If you have chosen a color dress, you can see which color is the main color of the dress.

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