Formal dresses : Best Necklines For Your Body Shape

By definition, the neckline is supposed to add a sexy, attractive and exciting tone to the feminine look, which is what makes it a rapidly adopted style that has become commonplace among women. But here it is : one does not get up overnight, without any prior consideration, to put it on. The cleavage manipulation represents an art that requires a minimum of notions and parameters to be optimal. If you’re expecting a great effect, and not a memorable flop, here are some considerations for you when choosing your formal dress neckline.

The choice of your neckline must take into account the appearance of your breasts, and that’s where the real puzzle comes in, because there are plenty of neckline. Don’t panic, follow the expert.

1. V-Neck

Sleek Beading Low V neck Chiffon Black A line long Evening Dress formal dresses
Beading V-Neck Long Black Formal Dress on

Simple and very aesthetic, V-neck are much more recommended if you have a relatively medium breast. An outfit of this kind will bring out your bust perfectly; however, be careful not to wear one that is too cut out, as it may spill into the exhibition. The V-neck models are also an excellent choice. At the same time, if you have a classic chest, choose the small black V-neck dress like stars that everyone knows; simple and practical, it’s the best option.

2. Scoop Neck

High Low  Asymmetrical Cut out in the back Scoop Neck pink Lace Blushing Pink Cocktail Dress
High Low Scoop Neck Lace Cocktail Dress / Bridesmaid dress on Style No : LF170833

A common model on formal dresses. First of all, it is important to remember that the chest should be distinguished from size and body weight. It is one of the easiest to wear and suitable for all body shapes. The neckline, for example, plays on the cups and creates volume, giving the effect of a fuller chest. The same is true for the ruffled neckline if you have a rectangular body, which also adds a rather crunchy frilly extra charge. The scoop neckline also follows the same logic, but can sometimes look androgynous; in which case, just add heels and a skirt if necessary.

3. Sweetheart Neck

A-Line Sweetheart Tulle Long Bridesmaid Dress For Wedding Convertible straps which can be tied in bow and cap sleeves or halter neckline with romantic veiling at the back
Sweetheart Tulle Long Bridesmaid / Formal Dress on, click the picture to see more

The sweetheart neckline is one of the few to privilege both women with little bust, medium bust and better endowed women, improving the shape of the breast and supporting it, exerting an adorable effect for women with small or medium bust. They adapt to virtually all body and shoulder types and, depending on the cut of the garment or whether the neckline is higher or lower, lengthens the neck. It can go without straps or with straps, short sleeves, long sleeves…

4. Asymmetrical Neck

Chic One Shoulder Color Block White & Navy Blue Evening Dress With Front Slit
Chic Asymmetrical Neck Color Block Evening Dress With Front Slit, click the picture to purchase it.

There are many types of asymmetrical necklines, but they usually leave a shoulder in the air, making it easier to hold. The asymmetrical neckline lengthens the collar of the model and, although his shoulders are narrow and his arms slender, the part that will show an optical and incredible effect. It is suitable for all sizes and, in general, fond for women with almost all body shapes (triangle, inverted triangle, rectangular, hourglass and round).

5. Bateau Neck

Princess Bateau Sweep Train Satin Tencel long blue roi Prom / Evening Dress With Beading Bow Pleats
Princess Bateau Neck Long Prom / Formal Dress With Beading

This neckline can be shaped like a bateau and can show more of the shoulders, wrapping them like a shawl. Although many consider that her contribution is only aesthetic, to emphasize a sober dress, the truth is that she reinforces the qualities of the neck shapes that surround. It is a classic model, compensating for narrow, slender shoulders and raising the neck. In this case, it would be perfect for women with generous shapes. It’s romantic, casual and feminine.

6. Neckline for generous breasts

Bar Refaeli on Red Carpet with a sexy simple dress

Generous breasts are ideal for many women. However, it can be upsetting in more than one way, and most people are far from suspecting it. In the case of XXL breasts, the aim is to choose a full neckline, rather reserved, to avoid turning into vulgarity. Not too deep, and yet of a notorious elegance, the square neckline is an option of first choice; the heart neckline, sexier and more glamorous, is also very much appreciated. Best of all, the heart-hide neckline, while effectively concealing your belly, subtly pulls out your chest, and even lets you decide the depth depending on the occasion. Finally, models such as the neckline in the back, sexy and absolutely not vulgar, are always interesting to try, especially since they are adapted to all breasts.

In short, who says the neckline of a customized formal dress, necessarily says adapted bra. To achieve your sexy performance, it’s essential to find one that looks good without compressing your breasts. And if for any reason you have a rather flabby chest, padded supports are a great backup option.

Sexy Split Front : the fashion symbol of the Formal Dresses

The details that make up a finery reveal its aesthetic side as well as its propensity to provide elegance. These are multiple and present each one of the advantages according to its position on the style. As one of the most popular sewing details, the split is particularly distinctive and adopts various locations. If it is usually created on the side for a very charming look, it is also found in the front of the dress and it is also attractive. In this article, we will present you the specialty of this type of split front and especially its effect on an evening dress.

Sexy Split front purple  backless Beaded Satin Evening Formal Dress
Sexy Purple Long Evening Dress with beading in satin

The slit undoubtedly evokes a sexy look whatever position it takes on an outfit. This split gives a glimpse of the legs according to their depth and the effect is more pronounced when they are created at the front.

charming Beading V neck Halter bacless azury blue Chiffon A line Evening fomal prom Dress
Fascinating Blue Halter Chiffon Evening Dress

The front split is therefore a glamorous detail whose presence alone is enough to add a touch of glamour to the jewelry. This is noticeable during celebrations where the stars perform on red carpet exercises with a front split Formal dress. This piece is ultra feminine because it suggests in all delicacy; the split usually begins at the height of the thighs.

Sexy Elastic red Satin V neck Split A line Long Formal Evening Dress
Beautiful Red Elastic V Neck Split Long Formal Dress with beading

The evening dress with front split is a choice of chic and distinguished outfit. It makes it possible to break away from the lateral split, which is now a classic in women’s fashion. It must be said that apart from this asset, the beauty of this piece can also be seen with other peculiarities. It can simply be a sweetheart bustier, an asymmetrical cut, spaghetti straps, a halter neckline, embellishments of sequins or jewelry or fine embroidery. The fabric used also enhances the dress’s charm, while providing an ideal level of comfort. The muslin, lace or tulle remains a reference in the matter.

Sexy Beaded Split Front Sweetheart Pleats Strapless Chiffon Formal Bridesmaid Dress
Sexy White Beaded Sweetheart Empire Chiffon Formal Bridesmaid Dress

The front split on an evening dress is really tempting because the result is absolutely fashionable. Would you like to experience it ? Well, please visit our site to find the various models available. You will be able to make an exquisite choice and request a customization dress of  individuality.

Three fashion elegant formal dresses for women to attend wedding party

More and more new couple choose this time to get married, so as the guest, you may upset what to wear to attend the wedding party? It is not need too sexy but need elegant. Today we will recommend three style elegant formal dresses for your to attend your friend party, it will help you get more attentions.

red long sleeves short formal dress with bow


Elegant short red formal dress with bow on the shoulder

The bow knit formal dress with elegant atmosphere red as main tone, multi-grasp fold overlap to create a funny bow profile shape, it is not only full of three-dimensional, but exudes endless elegance.

simple fuchsia short formal dress with long sleevesThe knitting formal dress with pink roses in vibrant colors to set off your skin color, compact design and comfortable fabric outline the perfect shape, so that this body formal dress fashion is greatly enhanced.

elegant v neck blue formal dress with short sleevesChic v neck blue short formal dress

The hollow out folds crisp blue dress with fabric to create a pleated effect, using luxuriant fashionable deduced to get incisively and vividly, make the body and protruding beautiful waist, flowing profile and pleat build rich visual effect, make every guest at every step of expensive gas and intellectual temperament.

How to Choose Your Evening Dress Wisely

Every award ceremony is a big show case of evening dresses, from Oscar award to Emmy, from Grammys to so many nameless ceremonies. Stars from movies, music and art circles gather together and of course their dresses are selected carefully to add to their beauty. Some stars get remembered by others and even the whole fashion world for their stunning look and some are not so lucky and get teased for lousy design or wrong color. So to make a good appearance, a pretty face is absolutely not enough, you need to be wise enough to make yourself unique or at least not wrong.

First, we talk about the color of evening dresses. Everyone knows that black is a good choice. It is always safe for evening dresses. It makes you look elegant while sexy at the same time. With a well design, it will definitely add score to your appearance. Most fashion stars know this,  therefore black is always seen in ceremonies. Champagne is also a good option, especially for white skin. Just imagine a well designed Champagne long dress set off an exquisite face with smooth skin. You will draw the attention of all the male guests. But it can be risky if the color is too similar to your skin. Without a perfect make-up, it could be a disaster. So pay attention to the color depth, and make a good choice. Other dark color such as navy blue and grey are also normally seen. But in recent years bright color including red and yellow are also seen in big ceremony. It’s eye catching, but how does it look? It depends on the design and the nature of the events. Personally I like dark green most.

black evening dress
black evening dress

Secondly, let’s talk about design. Most famous stars just wear brand design. The aim is obvious. The work of a famous designer can’t be bad and stars need the brand to show their own value. Fashion world is a commercial world after all. The designers are willing to design for famous personage to get a win-win result. Their clients are their models on big stage. It’s really a reasonable deal. Most stars prefer simple design. Evening dress is generally very long, too much design could make the dress look too heavy and the body a little fat and none of these effects are desired by a fashion lady. Generally, all the design is for the neck, breast and the end of the long dress. Few accessory is added to the waist, also for the above reason. Lace should be carefully used on evening dress because it could make the dress look cheap. The whole look should be elegant and smooth.

simple pure evening dress
simple pure evening dress

Nowadays people are more willing to highlight characteristics which related to culture, tradition and many local features. And eastern elements get more popular in big ceremony these years. So evening dress are not just western style, it is becoming more colorful and various. Choose a symbol of yourself and add it to the design of evening dress will make you stand out among all the beauties.

Princess Kate’s Frugal Fashion formal dresses

According to the report of British media, the all-time frugal Princess Kate Middleton donned a dainty pair of imitated earrings when attending the Diamond Celebration of Queen Elizabeth II in St. Paul’s Cathedral, miraculously setting a trend of wearing fake jewel. Sounds ridiculous. Hah? But we have to confess the “Kate Middleton Effect”. Now at the debut of 2013, let’s take a retrospect of how Princess Kate went all out on her pursuit of a distinctive thrifty fashion. Provided by

kate Middleton Earrings
kate Middleton Earrings

On June, 7th, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton was clad in a pair of chic earrings when presenting the celebration of the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s tenure. It’s no wonder that a royal wore diamond+pearls earrings but it was spotted that this pair of earrings turned out a dummy—which was not made of diamonds and pearls but cheap zircon and Venetian pearl , with a price of ,merely 48punds(RMB 482).

 Kate-Middleton PK Amy Childs Zara-dress
Kate-Middleton PK Amy Childs Zara-dress

Early in the trust fund concert last December, Kate had presented her civilian temperament by a Zara print dress. She spiced it up with an elegant suit and black gloves, making the whole look more solemn. Owing to her, a simple high-street frock immediately became a fashion item. What a Kate!! It seems that Kate has much crush on Zara that she has attended important events for times. Do you remember what she wore when she returned to her alma mater soon after her famous wedding? Yes, it’s Zara. And the very pleated skirt became the best-seller that it soon got out stock in all the Zara shops around the world.


To top it off, it’s also spotted by British media that Kate has donned in a same pair of patent nude high-heel for various occasions, including Derby, the 90th birthday of Prince Philip and the wedding ceremony of Princess Sarah. Moreover, during the 9-day visit to Canada with William, she had worn it for 4 times. Thus the media mock that perhaps Kate has only one high-heels. She also got attention by wearing the same formal dress online Australia for different events. But even it’s just an old piece, it can still lead the trend and trigger tremendous intimation.